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Our Services

We provide diagnosis and treatment, including medication management, of many mental healthcare conditions with an emphasis on Wellness and Disease Prevention. We provide mental healthcare services to persons 5 years of age and older.


Talk therapy (also known as "psychotherapy") can be extremely helpful for depression, anxiety, substance issues, adult ADHD, and many other situations. Each of our providers is trained and experienced in providing excellent therapy. 


Sometimes recovery and healing can occur more quickly and more completely in a supportive, small group setting.


From conflict resolution to couples seeking a deeper relationship and greater fulfillment, couples therapy can greatly improve communication and help to identify common goals and the steps to achieve success.


Complex family dynamics can have a powerful effect on each member of the family, and sometimes these issues become clearer when the entire family is brought into the healing process.


Addiction Treatment

We do not prescribe or offer methadone, suboxone, or any other opiate / opioid-based treatment. However, for sincere and motivated persons who desire to be totally free from the ravages of addiction, we offer Addiction Assessment, Counseling, Education, and several non-controlled medication options that can greatly assist those in need.

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