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Our Philosophy

Why Integrated Healthcare?

As we mentioned on our home page, most of us need help with both physical health issues and mental health issues at various stages in our lives. At Madison Integrated Healthcare we provide person-centered care based on the individual needs of our patients. The body and the mind are connected. When our physical body is sick, we also suffer emotionally. And research shows that persons who suffer emotionally are also at increased risk for common medical disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, and many other conditions.


By providing our patients with total body and mental healthcare, we are able to integrate the benefits of medical and mental health treatment together into a holistic approach that offers more complete, effective, and balanced care for the whole person.

Why Person-Centered Healthcare?

The philosophy of Person-Centered Healthcare emphasizes the unique aspects of each person that we care for. No two people are the same. As our patient, we recognize that your heredity, your previous life experiences, your family environment, your job, your exercise habits, your diet, your personal preferences about your health plan, and your past responses to treatment--all of these factors are unique and specific to you. We value these unique factors and we always ask for your input in creating a health plan that is the best match for you and your healthcare needs. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of! We truly enjoy spending time with our patients and making sure that our patients feel confident in making informed decisions about their own care.


Genetic Testing

In certain situations our patients may benefit from genetic testing that can reveal which medications will be the best fit for their unique body chemistry. In such instances we are pleased to offer a simple DNA test that can save our patients time and greatly accelerate the healing process.

Other Treatment Options

We will soon be announcing additional, person-centered treatment options aimed at providing specific benefits to each individual patient--calibrated to his or her unique needs.

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